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The Onesies Phenomenon

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Onesies have conquered the fashion kingdom from Japan to England to Australia. It’s the most youthful trend in apparel the world has seen in awhile. Onesies are making the rounds in the cutest way possible. Everyone can wear them! With so much variety within styles and types anyone can don a onesie at anytime. The androgynous one piece suits can be worn by men, women, adults, and children alike. There is an international trend that is blowing up fashion in every corner of the world from Germany to Japan, England to Australia. There is no denying that this fashion craze is making a mark on our world culture.

What are onesies and why is everyone so crazy about them? Onesies are loose fitting one piece jumpsuits that come in various styles and designs. Said designs can range from animal replications to classy and stylish modern attire depending on what you’re looking for. Again that is the magic of onesies - anyone, anywhere can wear them. If you are going to a costume party, why not wear an animal onesie or perhaps one based on your favorite cartoon character? If you’re looking for something a little less obvious as you go grocery shopping or similar everyday places there are plenty of chic styles to choose from particularly by the Norwegian company OnePiece.

I know that you may be thinking, “Aren’t onesies essentially pajamas?” Well, yes, many people do wear them as pajamas thanks to their comfort and warmth, however they are much more than simple sleep attire. They are a state of mind. Those bold enough to wear a onesie are breaking boundaries and forging new territories in the realms of fashion. Even high fashion experts such as Cara Delevingne (an unabashed lover of onesies) has declared their greatness. Thanks to their variety and comfort it’s hard not to love the trend.

But is the allure of the onesie merely the comfort? No, it’s a statement. It declares to the world that there will no longer be a divide in fashion vs. comfort. It’s a beautiful contrast to the rest of the fashion world that provides painful heels and uncomfortably lengthed skirts. Onesies provide a level of ease and serenity all the while being fun.

By far the most fun aspect of the onesies phenomenon is the fun it provides. There are various “onesie parties” held all over some of which have gathered over five hundred people! Onesies are great for festivities such as this. The more creative animal and cartoon inspired ones are particularly great for Halloween or any other occasion that calls for dressing up and playing a role. However onesies do not simply pertain to special occasions. Many people wear onesies as typical streetwear; a notion that is becoming more and more popular by the minute. The aforementioned OnePiece brand based out of Norway provides some great onesies for casual everyday wear with a modern flair. They are sleek and classy; the perfect outfit. The company was created by three young men seeking to make a more adult oriented version of the playful onesie design. Sure enough the styles are a hit with adults and especially celebrities. OnePiece celebrity endorsements include Ellie Goulding, Ed Westwick, Hayden Panettiere, Justin Bieber, and Natasha Bedingfield. Not too shabby for three young people in the world of high fashion!

Clearly the onesie trend is a force to be reckoned with. From celebrities, to children and especially adults: the onesie is a go to outfit for any occasion. They provide comfort, warmth, style, and practicality. What more could you need? To many, not much else, really

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