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Adult Onesie

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Ever want to return to your childhood at least for a brief spell? Do you often find yourself nostalgic for simpler days when you could act carefree and have fun? Well, here’s your chance to recreate those days. Buy yourself an adult onesie and experience a one way ticket back to your youth. It’s arguably the only valid way to dress like a child and have it be socially accepted in both real life and the fashion world. What could be better than that? Onesies have been spotted all over the world on everyday common folks and celebrities alike. Why not join the trend?

The onesie trend has been sweeping across the world but has been particularly prominent in Japan, the UK, and probably most prominently Australia. Australians love onesies and an easy deduction to make is that it’s because Australians love to have fun. That is ultimately the foundation of the onesie trend: fun. Adults everywhere are sporting the onesies as sleepwear, in the streets, and more festively at onesie parties. There have been several “Onesie Parties” cropping up all over the world but particularly Down Under. There was one onesie party advertised by a facebook RSVP that amassed over seven hundred people! Again, the key to the adult onesie: fun.

There are several brands and designers that produce onesies. These styles vary depending on what look you are going for. If you are being festive - particularly in the onesie party circuit - it is high recommended that you check out Kigu. Kigu is a very influential onesie designer and perhaps even the godfather of the onesie trend! They are a Japanese brand that creates their styles based on kigurumi (literally translated: “to wear a stuffed toy”) which an aspect of Japanese culture that features life like recreations of animals and various cartoon characters. Kigurumi is particularly popular at conventions (especially anime conventions), theme parks, and even shopping malls. So if you are looking for a more vibrant and whimsical onesie, Kigu is the route to take.

For those adults who are looking to purchase a onesie but aren’t quite so gung ho about the somewhat cutesy animal styles, there is an excellent Norwegian company called OnePiece that offers chic and stylish onesies geared towards fashionistas looking for a more mature outfit. Advertised as “the original Norwegian jumpsuit” they provide all of the comfort of the typical onesies but are much more favorable for everyday wear. OnePiece has an extensive online site where you can order various styles and colors. The company also has quite a few celebrity endorsements ranging from Ellie Goulding to Ed Westwick.

Why else would an adult where something so unconventional as an outfit? Another style of onesie pertains to a sense of hometown pride. There are various onesies designed in regards to various international flags. What better way to represent your home than by wearing a onesie that displays it? (It should be noted that there are many online stores that feature Australian flags as well as free shipping to Aussies!) Many people are taking this avenue to show their pride for their home countries; a trend that was particularly popular during this year’s Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Of course, all of this indicates that the essence of the onesie goes beyond age limits. They are source of fun, pride, and youth no matter what age you might be. The opportunities are endless and infinite. Whether you are wearing them to a festive party or simply just for a walk down the street as you do your daily task and chores, the adult onesie is a great way to present yourself to the world in an imaginative and unconventional way.

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