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Animal Onesies

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Has anyone ever asked you what your spirit animal is? Chances are at one point or another the topic of discussion has come up. Perhaps you are a koala or maybe a serene otter? A black bear or something a little more arctic like a penguin? Well, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to actually be that penguin, now’s your chance. The animal kingdom has officially taken over the fashion world via the bountiful crop of animal onesies suddenly flooding our instagrams and other forms of celebrity driven media.

Stars ranging from Lena Dunham to Miley Cyrus have been documented wearing these newfangled garments. Perhaps the most notorious lover of these onesies is English model Cara Delevingne who has been spotted in a least nine different animal identities. (Cara’s adoration for these fauna inspired outfits may have also stemmed into a desire to create her own line of onesies, according to her instagram.) Celebrities love animal onesies and aren’t afraid to show it especially via the internet.

Instagram is perhaps the most popular avenue for expressing a love for animal onesies. If you search the keyword “onesie” onto the photo collective website you will find yourself in a sea onesie photos. The typically filtered photos from around the word exude love and certain sense of pride for their animal outfits. It’s truly a force to be reckoned with; animals are taking over the human race!

Where did these onesies come from and why are all of these people suddenly disguised as cute animals? The animal onesie trend is actually based on a form of cosplay called kigurumi originating in Japan. This involves costumes that represent cartoon and anime characters as well as various species in the animal kingdom. The name kigurumi literally translates to “to wear a stuffed toy” and that’s essentially what it is. These animal onesies are like wrapping yourself into a wonderfully comfortable teddy bear (or penguin!) Due to the roots of this trend, the most famous designer of these onesies is unsurprisingly the Japanese brand, Kigu. Kigu has gained international popularity since they started distributing from the UK as well. (It should be noted that Kigu actually offers free shipping to Australia and New Zealand!)

It is not uncommon to see these Kigu creations being worn as anything from sleepwear to streetwear. They’re absurd. They’re fun. They’re comfortable. It seems to be a winning combination. (Ms. Delevingne certainly thinks so.) It is not uncommon to see animal onesies in any given place and there are now even parties held in their honor. Across Australia and the UK there are thousands of “onesie parties” being conducted. Thanks to the help of online media, there are some gatherings that amass over 500 people.

Onesies are a very celebratory piece of apparel. It seems fairly obvious that the trend provides a certain level of almost childlike joy more so than other garments.They are fun, festive, and comfortable which of course is the perfect formula for a winning outfit and while there are many online websites who advertise them as being “pajamas” there are many groundbreaking fashionistas who are sporting them everywhere. It is perhaps the most comfortable bold fashion statement one can make.

Of course this animal onesie trend has been all the rage this past winter thanks to their warmth and comfort but what will the follow summer months provide in regards to the heat? Will the onesie fans remain true to their animal spirits or will the trend diminish as the weather changes? Perhaps the onesie phenomenon will evolve with the seasons, somehow fashioning a lighter summer design? There’s no way of knowing. The only thing we can say for sure is that the trend has made quite an impact on the fashion world in the most cuddly way possible. 

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